Powerful Influencer Marketing Quotes That Actually Inspire You In 2021

Powerful Influencer Marketing Quotes That Actually Inspire You In 2021

Whenever I’m unsatisfied with my social media followings & earnings or I’m at the corner of giving up that time I look for influencer marketing quotes & stories of successful social media influencers. Influencers help startups and small businesses to market their product or services at very reasonable marketing cost.

Influencers can be categories in three types which are Megha, Macro, and Micro. Influencer marketing campaigns can earn $6.5 for every dollar spent. 60% of youths follow advice of social media influencers over celebrities for getting products or services from the brand.

These influencer marketing quotes are from Seth Godins, Malcolm Goldwell, Emily Warna, Gary Vaynerchuk, John C Maxwell, and many other inspiring influencers.

Importance of Influencer Marketing in 2021

  1. Influencer can help you market your product or services at very reasonable marketing cost
  2. Influencers can build your brand’s trust & authenticity in the market 
  3. Possibilities of immensely higher ROI
  4. You can target very specific core audience for your brand
  5. You can connect with audiences who spend most of their time on those social media platforms  

I have made this comprehensive list of quotes on influencer marketing which will inspire you to build social media followings along with trust & authenticity. These quotes will also help marketers to promote the products or services of the client’s for highest ROI.

Powerful Influencer Marketing Quotes

  • “People Do Not Buy Goods And Services. They Buy Relations, Stories, And Magic.”  – Seth Godin
Influencer Marketing Quotes By Seth Godin
  • “I Think Influencer Marketing Is Going To Have A Golden Era Of A Decade. I Think We’re At The Beginning Of It And I’m Very Fond Of It.”  – Gary Vaynerchuk
Influencer Marketing Quotes By Gary Vaynerchuk
  • “A Brand Is No Longer What We Tell The Consumer It Is — It Is What Consumers Tell Each Other It Is.”   – Scott Cook
  • “The Core Of Influencer Marketing Lies In Building A Solid Relationship To Ensure Mutual Value Creation”  – Dr. Konstanze Alex Brown
Influencer Marketing Quotes By Dr. Konstanze Alex Brown
  • “True Influence Is About Leveraging Authenticity” – Unknown
Inspiring Influencer Marketing Quotes
  •  “Any Influencer Can Get A ‘one-night Stand’. Trusted Social Influencers Leverage Data And Help The Brand Define Success To Get A Call Back The Next Day” – Brian Fanzo
Influencer Marketing Quotes By Brian Fanzo
  • “Marketers Still Treat Influencer Marketing As An Experimental Strategy And Are Failing To Capture It’s True Value.”  – Unknown
Best Influencer Marketing Quotes (1)
  • “You Can Spend Your Time On Stage Pleasing The Heckler In The Back, Or You Can Devote It To The Audience That Came To Hear You Perform.”  – Seth Godin 

Powerful Influencer Marketing Quotes By Seth Godin 2
  • They’re Selling Like Hot Cakes. They’re Creating Huge Returns, And They’re Only Set To Keep Growing.”  – Emily Warna 

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Emily Warna
  • “Make Your Marketing So Useful People Would Pay For It.”  – Jay Baer 

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Jay Baer
  • “Welcome To A New Era Of Marketing And Service In Which Your Brand Is Defined By Those Who Experience It.” – Brian Solis

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Brian Solis
  • “Influencers Think That Because They Have Some Audience, They Have The Power. And Of Course They Have Some Power, But They Should Be Careful In How They Use It.”   – Tim Bax 

Powerful Influencer Marketing Quotes By Tim Bax
  • “Growing An Online Presence Is Important. But, Let’s Get Real About Influence. Presence Doesn’t Equal Influence. Presence Can Be Measured In Social Media Followings. Influence Can’t.”  – Martha Giffen
Influencer Marketing Quotes By Martha Giffen

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  • “Our Research Shows That Real Life Influencers Who Are Passionate About What They Are Recommending Have Significantly More Buying Conversations, And Consumers Are More Likely To Act On Their Recommendations.”   – Brad Fay 

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Brad Fay
  • “Gone Are The Days Where You’d Put An Ad In A Magazine Or Use A Legitimate Celebrity. Now Are The Days Where You’ll Pay Any Plant, Animal Or Mineral With An Online Following To Endorse Your Product.”  – Amanda Rosenberg
Influencer Marketing Quotes By Amanda Rosenberg
  • “To Be An Influencer, You Have To Love People Before You Can Try To Lead Them.”  – John C Maxwell
Inspiring Influencer Marketing Quotes By John C Maxwell
  • “Adding Influencers To Your Content Initiatives Helps Validate Your Own Good Content While Helping To Promote The Influencers In Your Industry. It’s A Win-win-win For You, The Influencers, And Ultimately Your Audience.”   – Jason Miller 

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Jason Miller
  • “Awareness Is Fine, But Advocacy Will Take Your Business To The Next Level.”  – Joe Tripodi

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Joe Tripodi
  • “I Get Requests From People I Know Really Well Every Week. What Makes You Think I’ll Take The Time To Work With You If I’ve Never Interacted With You Before? Take Some Time To Comment On My Posts, Rate My Podcast, Review My Book, I’ll Return The Favor In A Heartbeat.”  – Andrew Davis 

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Andrew Davis
  • “The First Thing To Consider In Any Influencer Marketing Campaign Is Understanding Why Your Organization Exists, And What It Is Trying To Achieve. Absent This, And You’ve Yet To Influence Yourself, Let Alone Others.”   – Philip Sheldrake

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Philip Sheldrake
  • “Influencer Marketing At Its Core Is About Developing Real Relationships To Ultimately Champion Your Influencers To Market With You.”   –  Amanda Maksymiw

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Amanda Maksymiw
  • “Do Your Research. You Can’t Seem Like You Are Emailing Every Single Person In A Network. That Is The Quickest Way To Get Deleted. Use My Name And Show Me That You’ve Actually Done Your Research And Say The Value Add.”   –  Erica Ligena 

Best Influencer Marketing Quotes By Erica Ligena (1)
  • “Influencer Marketing Creates Long Reaching Interactional Impact For Brands Vs Quick Punch Of Traditional Advertising.”  –  Lori Moreno 

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Lori Moreno
  • “Influencer Marketing Is The Modern Word Of Mouth & Is Eating The Lunch Of Traditional Digital Media In Many Ways.”   –  Kinser
Influencer Marketing Quotes By Kinser
  • “No Actual Influence Occurs Until The Influencers Produce A Measurable Action. If Real Influence Depends So Much On The Influencers, Why Are Most Vendors Still So Focused Much On The Influencers.”  – Michael Wu
Influencer Marketing Quotes By Michael Wu
  • “Influencer Marketing Is The Culmination Of The Promise That Social Media Initially Brought Us.”  –  Joe Sinkwitz
Influencer Marketing Quotes By Joe Sinkwitz
  • “If You’re In Business, You’re In The Business Of Influencer. Period. Saying That Influencer Marketing Technologies And Services Are Typically Applied In Situations Where There Are Very Many Individuals To Interact With.”  – Philip Sheldrake 

Motivational Influencer Marketing Quotes By Philip Sheldrake
  • “People Influence People. Nothing Influences People More Than A Recommendation From A Trusted Friend. A Trusted Referral Influences People More Than The Best Broadcast Message. A Trusted Referral Is The Holy Grail Of Advertising.”  –  Mark Zuckerberg

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Mark Zuckerberg
  • “People Want To Do Business With You Because You Help Them Get What They Want. They Don’t Do Business With You To Help You Get What You Want.”  – Don Crowther 

Best Influencer Marketing Quotes By Don Crowther
  • “Social Media Changes The Relationship Between Companies And Customers From Master And Servant, To Peer To Peer.” – Jay Baer 

Best Influencer Marketing Quotes By Jay Baer
  • “Influencers Are People With Significant Networks (Followers, Readers, Etc.) Who Can Speak To A Broad Range Of Products And Services With The Ability To Sway Opinions In Their Favor.” – Jess Estrada 

Influencer Marketing Quotes Jess Estrada
  • “When Working With Influencers, Brands Have To Let Go And Allow Influencers Control Of The Narrative To Preserve The Authenticity Of What Is Being Communicated.”  – Priyanka Dayal 

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Priyanka Dayal
  • “From A Pr Perspective, Influencer Marketing Is The Shift In Recognizing There Are New Ways To Reach Your Audience Or Publics. Traditionally, That Used To Be High Net Worth Individuals Or Journalists, Now It Can Be Anyone With Their Own Network Or Media.”  – Stephen Waddington 

Great Influencer Marketing Quotes By Stephen Waddington
  • “Social Media Allows Big Companies To Act Small Again. – Jay Baer 

Best Influencer Marketing Quotes By Jay Baer 3
  • “It’s Really Hard To Measure True Influence.”   – Duane Forrester

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Duane Forrester
  • “As Long As I Get To Do My Thing And Someone Wants To Write Mea Check For It, I’m All About It.”  – Mike Perry
Influencer Marketing Quotes By Mike Perry
  • “For Influencer Marketing To Sustain, Authenticity And Credibility Are Key.”   –  Priyanka Dayal
Best Influencer Marketing Quotes By Priyanka Dayal
  • “Engagement Is The New Impressions. It Matters As Much, If Not More, Than Someone’s Reach.”  – Kristy Sammis
Influencer Marketing Quotes By Kristy Sammis
  • “Because They Are Personally Invested In Their Crafts, Micro- Influencers Are Trusted Sources Of Recommendations For Followers.’ The Game’ Isn’t Just Getting Eyeballs, But Getting Eyeballs That Care!”   – Sidney Pierucci

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Sidney Pierucci
  • “Influencer Marketing ROI Blows Online Advertising Out Of The Water. However, Using Influencers To Solely Drive Awareness Is As Cost- Effective As A Paula Deen Fitness Camp. The Key To Effective Use Of Influencers Is Their Ability To Cause Behavior.”  – Jay Baer

Influencing Influencer Marketing Quotes By Jay Baer
  • “An Influencer Promoting And Amplifying Your Message, Your Brand, To Their Audience Means Credibility. It Means Additional Reach, And It Means You Get An Outsized Modifier To The Conversion Process.”    – Rand Fishkin
Influencer Marketing Quotes By Rand Fishkin
  • “Call It Buying An Audience Before They Buy Your Product, Call It Influencer Marketing, Call It What You Like. At The End Of The Day As Marketers We’re All Just Trying To Create Conversations That Will Ultimately Increase Our Popularity In The Online World – Because We Know That If We’re The Most Popular, Consumers Will Come To Us.”  – Kirsty Sharman

Powerful Influencer Marketing Quotes By Kirsty Sharman 2
  • “Influencers — They’re The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread. But Forget Bread; They’re Selling Like Hot Cakes. They’re Creating Huge Returns, And They’re Only Set To Keep Growing!”   – Emily Warna 

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Emily Warna 2
  • “Influencers Are People. People (Or Maybe Personas) With A Brand And An Audience. What Makes Them Attractive To Advertisers Is Their Ability To Speak To A Very Defined Group Of Fans. The Way The Ecosystem Is Maturing Looks A Lot Like The Internet In The Early Days” – Mike Schmidt

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Mike Schmidt
  • “Influencer Marketing Is One Of The Most Popular Marketing Strategies For Many Brands And Marketers. It Is A Successful Way To Reach Out To And Get Involved With Online Audiences. The Quality And Authenticity Of The Content Are The Basis Of A Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign. Influencer Marketing Is A Very Powerful Marketing Tool With A Better Return On Investment (ROI)” – Shane Barker

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Shane Barker
  • “Influencer Marketing Is The First Real Consumer-driven Marketing Channel. It’s Real People Talking To Real People. If You Look Back, Consumers Have Really Only Had A Voice For About The Last 10 Years. As That Happened, People Started To Talk About Things They Were Passionate About, Building Audiences And Providing Real Valuable Content To People.” – Todd Cameron

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Todd Cameron
  • “Working With Influencers, To Co-create Content, Delivers Value And Can Inspire Audiences To Take Action.” — Amisha Gandhi

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Amisha Gandhi
  • “What Will Emerge Is A New Breed Of Creative Partners Who Collaborate With Others For A Living. A Partner That Will Combine The Best Of Technology, With The Best Collaborative Creative Strategists, To Work With The Best Creators Across All Platforms. Influencer (Ok, Creator) Marketing Should Be Part Of An Integrated Marketing Plan, And The Best Partners Will Play Nice With Others.”  – Ian Schafer

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Ian Schafer 2
  • “The Brands That Execute Influencer Marketing The Best Are The Ones That Find Influencers That Perfectly Align With Their Brand Story. They’re Able To Create Content That Does Not Stray From The Influencer’s Normal Content Style. And Most Of All, The Content They Create Still Prioritizes The Influencer’s Voice Above The Brand’s.” – Nicolas Cole

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Nicolas Cole
  • “That Your Marketing Can Be Improved With The Help Of Industry Influencers?” – Tom Treanor

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Tom Treanor
  • “Influencers Are Content Creators With Built-in Distribution: A Loyal Following That Spans Across Many Channels, From Their Blog To Various Social Platforms. Savvy Influencers Know To Treat Their Following Like Their Closest Friends — and Build Trust With Their Audience. It Is Because Of This Relationship That Influencer Marketing, When Executed Correctly, Works To Affect Purchasing Behavior, Particularly For The Younger Generations” – Kamiu Lee

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Kamiu Lee
  • “A Long-term Influencer Program Will Allow Your Brand To Create True Brand Advocates, Powerful Brand Evangelists, And Raving Fans.” – Tamara Mccleary

Influencer Marketing Quotes By Tamara Mccleary
  • “Influence Relationships Operate By Much The Same Rules As Any Friendship: Get To Know The Person, Don’t Talk About Yourself Too Much, Give Something Before You Ask For Anything, And Be Sensitive To Their Emotions And Needs.” – Joshua Nite
Influencer Marketing Quotes By Joshua Nite
  • “When Planned And Implemented Effectively, B2b Influencer Marketing Programs Build Trust And Confidence For Buyers, Influencers And The Brand.”  – Lee Odden
Influencer Marketing Quotes By Lee Odden


I’m sure you have learnt many insightful tips from this influencer marketing quotes or sayings which can be applied to your influencer marketing journey or in your business.


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